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Melissa and Brad started Kolstad & Co., formerly Babygirlz Boutique, together in 2011, while working with a home-based company called Vault Denim. After spending the last $50 in their checking account on a wholesale accessory order, they spent the next year selling on Facebook, and traveling throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota setting up at vendor events, and county fairs.

After a year of traveling, and putting money back into the business, they were ready to open their first Brick & Mortar, and opened in a small location in their home town of Long Prairie, MN, in December of 2012. After experiencing several successful years in Long Prairie, they had the opportunity to open a second location in St. Joseph, MN, and jumped at the chance. Eventually they made the decision to close their Long Prairie location, and focus on their newer location. Brad and Melissa then spent the next few years serving the community of St. Joseph, and the surrounding communities of Sartell, Waite Park, St. Cloud, and Sauk Rapids. 

Then, in 2019, Brad and Melissa found a space on main street in Sauk Centre, MN, and felt they were at a point where they could sustain a second store. So, they signed a lease in December. Unfortunately, March 2020 was just around the corner, and like many small businesses, Brad and Melissa struggled. Finally, after many discussions, and a lot of prayer, they made the decision to close their St. Joseph location, and focus on the location closer to home.

Since then they have been serving the city of Sauk Centre, and the surrounding area. Melissa says that, although, the last couple of years have been challenging, she feels blessed to to do what she does, and to be a part of a great community with an amazing Chamber of Commerce, other small business owners, and shoppers that support their small, locally owned businesses.

She says that one thing she's learned these last two years is that you have to be willing to pivot, step up, and step into spaces you may not have had to before. She says she loves the fashion industry, and all she's learned through the years. She says she's excited about the future, and that she and Brad are so thankful for the support they've received throughout the years, and are looking forward to serving the community of Sauk Centre, for years to come! 


Brad, Melissa & family



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